Continuing Education

Image - illumination from Armenian Bible
[Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons

Our Hebrew Bible professor in seminary gave our class this practical advice: file your sermons by book of the Bible; read every day; make a special study of one book every month.

I finally decided to take the advice about the special study, and developed a five-year study plan that breaks up the books a little so it’s not so all one thing all year long. The Bible is long, after all, especially at the rate of a book a month. It’s still early days, but I did read commentaries on Luke and Genesis, and am getting ready to start on Joshua in September.

This kind of thing adds up. If I had taken this book-a-month advice 15 years ago, when I first graduated, I would have been through the whole Bible this way three times by now. But “better late than never” is a cliché for a reason: it applies to lots of things. This is probably one of them.

Study Plan Book of the Month

Update 9.1.19: The special study plan got set aside once again, and then taken back up, which seemed to require a revised plan – namely this one:

Revised Study Plan Book of the Month

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