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Image - illumination from Armenian Bible

[Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons

 Our Hebrew Bible professor in seminary gave our class this practical advice: file your sermons by book of the Bible; read every day; make a special study of one book every month.

I finally decided to take the advice about the special study, and developed a five-year study plan that breaks up the books a little so it’s not so all one thing all year long. The Bible is long, after all, especially at the rate of a book a month. It’s still early days, but I did read commentaries on Luke and Genesis, and am getting ready to start on Joshua in September.

This kind of thing adds up. If I had taken this book-a-month advice 15 years ago, when I first graduated, I would have been through the whole Bible this way three times by now. But “better late than never” is a cliché for a reason: it applies to lots of things. This is probably one of them.

Study Plan Book of the Month

About HAT

Heather Thiessen (HAT) is a happily married 60-ish, Bible-reading, Presbyterian Church Sunday School teaching and choir singing, small fuel efficient car driving, still pretty much 2nd wave feminist and generally out lesbian Hoosier mom. (There are no monochrome states.) From time to time she teaches religious studies to students at a small liberal arts college in Louisville, Kentucky.
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