Image - Margaret Aymer, from Austin Theological Seminary website
Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer delivered the 2016 Katie Geneva Cannon lecture Sunday, September 11

We had the pleasure and privilege (in a good way) of hearing Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer analyze the “stewardship of incarnation” last night in the 2016 Katie Geneva Cannon lecture. She developed the idea that privilege – in the bad way, the normalization of hierarchies of status based on incarnational characteristics, not just physical, but our embodiments of culture and society as well – involves the rejection of some particular incarnations, and is sin. The way to combat this is to pursue a faithful stewardship of incarnation, incorporating principles of kenosis (in particular, the self-emptying of unjust privilege), ubuntu (“I am because we are,” or the recognition of interdependence), anti-idolatry (in particular, not worshiping the system and the systemic values that create the problem in the first place), and solidarity (casting one’s lot with and working for the benefit of all other incarnate beings). It was an inspiring message, although a tall order, and Aymer is a challenging and engaging speaker, so all in all the lecture was another great moment in the history of the Katie Geneva Cannon lecture series. The only downside is that now the work of taking my incarnation and its responsibilities more seriously begins, yet again.