screenshot worship service
A clip from the news coverage on our church’s service for wholeness and reconciliation [don’t know how long the link will remain active]
Our service for wholeness and reconciliation went on as scheduled last night at 6:15 p.m. EST.  I was a little surprised to learn from the news at 11 that it was our pastor’s idea – I know he didn’t say that, because he told me so – and that shouldn’t have bothered me, anyway. The reporter/cameraman did an amazing job of making our sanctuary look like it was rather full of people, when there were about 25 – which is incredible for a not-regularly-scheduled mid-week service – and most were members of the congregation, but we did have a visitor, and it seemed that everyone found the service meaningful.

The liturgy was mostly from the PC(USA) Book of Common Worship and the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer, with a few original elements when we didn’t have something available (e.g., the prayer for all those who sought public office).