Justified Extravagance

Image - bonnets 1802
Well, what would you be willing to pay for a really great hat?

Over dinner we talked about something that seemed incomprehensibly extravagant, unjustifiably expensive, to us.

“I would never spend $100 on …”

“Well, if you cared about fashion – not me, of course, but if you did …”

“I do buy art; I suppose some people would think spending money on art is crazy …”

“Some people wouldn’t spend money on books … and they can make a good case, but …”

It comes down to values. What you know about and care about, what you love, you recognize the value of; the value you see determines the price you’re willing to pay, what you can “justify” as worth it. If you have the price, that is.

Which might be a matter of what you have to give up, and will, for the sake of whatever you’ve decided is justified.

Of course, we were just talking about the gift cards we got for Christmas.

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