painting of Ananias restoring the sight of Saul aka St Paul
More than willing to follow through on the assignment, after a little more explanation.

The main conclusion from our class this morning, in considering Acts 9:10-19, was that Ananias was a significant influence on Saul [Paul], through his embodiment of the characteristics that any of us ought to strive to embody as Christians: trust in God and obedience; welcoming and loving the people we encounter; making a way into the community. Ananias’ modeling of this approach can be seen in Paul’s later ministry, and there’s no reason to think he did not learn it from his early encounters with the disciples, specifically Ananias. We could do worse than take Ananias’ ministry as a model for our own.

The other thing we realized is that Jesus in the passage is not an authoritarian, “because I said so, that’s why” kind of instructor. Although some of us might be inclined to think it’s a mistake to question the Lord, Jesus honors Ananias’ objection, and responds to it reassuringly, by providing him with a rationale for the instruction. A lot of us appreciated that.