If I Had a Hammer …

I live in a rural area. We had to disconnect our “upgraded” “digital” cable many years ago, because the service was so lousy we could never watch our TV.

After that, when we got hit by lightning the second time, we almost had our living room blow up because of the never-removed cable line into our house. [Since the line is too expensive and too much trouble to disconnect, there it is forever …] I am seriously not making this up.

So you can imagine how enthusiastic I am about the prospect of cable-company-controlled internet. (In case you can’t, it’s NOT.)

I realize this little back-water blog is not going to break the internet, and I couldn’t embed the nifty line of code at “battleforthenet.com” in my header because I don’t have custom CSS, but I AM going to call all my congresspeople about net neutrality today, because I feel that strongly about it.

I encourage others to do the same.

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