Icon showing golden image, fiery furnace, and lion's den
“… for there is no other god who is able to deliver in this way.” Daniel 3:29

The Uniform Series text for Sunday, January 14 is from the story told in Daniel 3. Here are some questions we might (or might not) find useful for reflecting on the text and discussing in class:

Who is the “main character” of the story – or, who is the story “about”? How do we know? Could anyone else be the main character? Who? If we change who we think the main character is, does that change what we think the story means? How? (Why?)

With whom does God (that is, the God of Israel) communicate in the text? How? With whom does God seem to “have a relationship” in the text? How would we describe that relationship? With whom does God not have a relationship? What does any of this tell us about God? Why?

How would we describe Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? (For instance, “faithful,” “religious,” “brave,” “hopeful,” “anxious,” …) Why? What do they seem to think or understand about God? Where and how do we see that in the text? What do they not seem to think or understand about God, according to the text? Is “the way they are” related to their understanding or relationship to God? How? (Why do we think that?) Are there any implications for us in all of that? What are they?

How do we see our own situation in life as similar to that of  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – or different? Why? How do those similarities and differences affect what the story means for us? Why? (What about similarities and differences between our situation and Nebuchadnezzar’s? The court officials’? What’s the meaning of those for us?)

How is power treated in this story? (For instance: Who has it? What signals power? What is power good for? Are there different kinds of power in the story? …) Does this treatment of power in the story tell us anything about God? About people? What?