Painting of an old woman reading the Bible by a fireplace
Daily lectionary for January 17 includes Genesis 35:1-36:43 and Matthew 12:1-21

Genesis 36 is a genealogy, of Esau, “also named Edom” – surprise, the grandfather of Amalek (36:12), whose mother is Timna, the daughter of “Seir the Horite” (36:22), Seir another name for Edom, so here are the connections all laid out. 36:40 says the leaders of the clans of Edom lived “in the places named for them” but most of the names there haven’t been mentioned, which is disorienting, and two are the names of women, Timna and Oholibamah, which is unexpected.

Matthew 12:21, talking about Jesus, quotes Isaiah 42:4, which NRSV translates “the coastlands wait for his teaching,” but Matthew “uses the Greek version for 42:4,” so it becomes “his name will be the hope of all the world.”

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