Questions for Reflection and Discussion (Genesis 22 1-14)

a relief of the binding of Isaac

The Uniform Series text for Sunday, March 4 is Genesis 22:1-14. Here are a few questions that we might want to consider in class:

Why does Abraham do what God asks of him, do we think? Is it because of what God has promised him in preceding chapters – so, for personal gain, or posthumous fame or greatness? Or is it for some other reason? If some other reason – what do we think that reason is?

Abraham’s story has traditionally been presented as a model of faith in God. The text, however, does not use this word to describe Abraham. How does the text describe Abraham, and what significance might this have in the context of the story? Why?

If we take Abraham as a model of faith, what does Abraham’s story tell us about faith?

The text does not mention Sarah, Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother. Does this mean that Sarah was not a participant in the story, or not? Why do we think this? If we think Sarah was a participant in the story, how do we imagine she participated? Why do we imagine that?

What does the text tell us about God, do we think? Why do we say that?

What does the text, and our response to it, reveal to us about ourselves? Why do we say that? (More personal) How satisfied are we with this information about ourselves? What might we do with or about this? Why?

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