Christ with disciples at the Sea of Galilee

Questions for Reflection and Discussion – John 21 15-25

The Uniform Series text for Sunday, April 15 is John 21:15-25. Here are some questions we might (or might not) like to consider in class:

What do we think Jesus’ question to Peter, “do you love me more than these?” refers to? Why do we think what we think? What difference does the answer make?

What do we think Peter means when he says “I love you”? Why do we think that? [More personal] What would we mean, if we were answering the question?

After Simon Peter answers Jesus’ questions, Jesus tells him “feed my lambs,” “tend my sheep,” and “feed my sheep.” What do these instructions have to do with Simon Peter’s answers? (For instance, is Jesus telling Peter “show that you love me by …” or is he telling him “then, in that case, you won’t mind …” or …?)

Do Jesus’ “lambs” or “sheep” represent someone or something? Who or what, do we think? Does “feeding” or “tending” them represent something? Again, what, do we think? Why do we think that (for instance, because of something in the text, something we have read or heard, other …)? What else might these ideas represent? What difference does it make for us how we answer this question?

Are Jesus’ instructions to “feed my lambs” etc. specifically intended for Simon Peter, do we think, or for the other disciples as well? Who do we think is or are responsible for carrying out Jesus’ instructions here? What specifically needs to be done to carry out these instructions? What difference does it make for us how we answer these questions?

Jesus tells Simon Peter “follow me.” What does it mean to follow Jesus? (Does this text give us any clues? Does this gospel give us any clues? What are those?)

In the last verse, the author says “there are many other things that Jesus did.” Could this be an invitation to the reader – for instance, to us – to think of what Jesus has done in our experience? [More personal] If we were to add a story of “something that Jesus did,” what would it be? Why would we say that was something that Jesus did?

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