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Questions for Reflection and Discussion – Matthew 13 24-33

The Uniform Series Sunday school text for Sunday, June 10 is Matthew 13:24-33. Here are a couple of questions we might want to consider in class:

What have we “always” understood these parables to be about? Why? That is, who first explained them to us? When was that? What did we understand their explanation to mean for us? How has that influenced us over however much time that has been?

How has our understanding of these parables changed over the years – or has it? Assuming our understanding has changed, what made that change happen? Do we feel the change, if there’s been a change, has been for the better, or for the worse? Why? Do we feel like we understand the parables better than, or not as well as, we did before? Why?

How well do we think the disciples (see Matthew 13:51-52, a little past our text) understood Jesus’ parables? Why do we think that? What are the implications of our answer?

What do we think these parables do for us? That is, do they teach us how to act in our daily lives, do they give us information about the kingdom of heaven, do they tell us how Reality is, other …? What difference does our answer make for what we do with these parables? What does our current understanding of the parables lead us to do, and not to do? Why?

women talking

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