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Questions for Reflection and Discussion – Luke 13 22-30

Here are a few questions about Luke 13:22-30, the study text for Sunday, July 22, that we may or may not want to consider in class:

The text begins with Jesus going through towns and villages on his way to Jerusalem and someone asking him “Lord, will only a few be saved?” (v23) What do we think “someone” in that time and place would have meant by “saved”? Why would they have asked this question, do we think? Why do we think that? What do we mean, if we ask this same question today? Do we ever ask this question? Why?

Does Jesus answer the question in v23? What makes us say that? How do we understand that answer, or non-answer? Why?

What do we think Jesus means by “strive to enter through the narrow door”? What possibilities can we think of? What does that “striving” include, not include, exclude, do we think? What gives us this idea (e.g., something in the text, context, things we already know, …)? What difference does our answer make for us? For others?

In v25, Jesus presents an image of a householder who has shut the door, and of people standing outside knocking on the closed door. What image do we have of this householder? Of these people? What makes us imagine the scene that way, do we think? What different images of the scene are possible? What difference does how we imagine this scene make in the way we understand this text? Why is that?

Can we tell why the householder calls the people outside “evildoers”? Why does he, do we think? What evil have they done? Does our answer have implications for us? What are they?

(More personal) In v30, Jesus says “Many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.” Do we understand ourselves to be addressed by that statement? How? Do we see ourselves as “first,” “last,” neither, both? Why? What are the implications of that understanding?

window behind masonry screen

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