How Low Can God Go?

How Low Can God Go?

When my daughter was little, I thought I had hit on a way to explain why we could not see God. Because of course she wanted to see God. She wanted to see everything.

“God is too big to see.”

The way the air is too big to see. God is everywhere.

God is everywhere? Yes.

Even in the car? Yes.

Even in the trash can?

Consistency is a vital principle of logic, and of parenting. Yes, even in the trash can.

She thought this was pretty funny. God was not supposed to be in the trash can.

But some days we end up in the trash can.

When we do, God is there.

red yellow blue green recycling trash cans

One response to “How Low Can God Go?”

  1. I think it was Augustine who reminded his congregation that Jesus was “inter faeces et urinam nascimur” (which would be crude if I rendered it into English!) – but the point was that Jesus condescended into the very muck of human life, in order to redeem us in and from it. 🙂

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