painting with dominant blue and streak of light


Does it strike anyone else as wildly ironic that the very people who can’t go 45 seconds without announcing that they “believe in absolute truth” are among the staunchest supporters of a president who lies like he breathes?

While the very people whose paradigm incorporates the social and discursive construction of reality are the most surprised (and outraged) when people don’t care about data, and flat-out lying turns out to be a really popular political program?

How does this make sense?

painting with dominant blue and streak of light

3 responses to “Baffled”

  1. It only makes sense when we sell our hopes in Christ to hopes in politics. We believe an under qualified, wanna be dictator because he gave us as Christians a supreme court nominee that can tip the balance to what we’ve prayed for over many, many years — a potential political “solution” to abortion. Political solutions don’t change hearts. Political discord and repeated attacks with little facts behind them do. We need to live our faith, not live for our politics.


    • Thanks for the hypothesis, Tim – it makes sense.

      I’m still chewing on the “We get to deny your undeniable facts but you’re not supposed to deny Ours” problem – because I’m pretty sure they’re related.

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      • Agree. In the politics of a Republic, the majority has the power. Might makes right (and all that). So yes, we can dismiss the facts of the minority because we have the power to do so.

        Then comes the media. There is the “mainstream media” and the others (choose how you’d like to categorize, it doesn’t matter). While the “mainstream media” can deny bias, it’s just not true. Perhaps we can assume they report the facts (which is good). But they also report only those stories they choose to support. And with the 24/7 cycle, they have at least 20/7 opinion “news” versus 4/7 news reporting. So their bias is exposed by those in power. The more they complain, the more those in power are further empowered to deny the facts. When a more liberal political party is in power, those exposed are, for example, Fox News and Breitbart. When the more conservative are in power, CNN and MSNBC are exposed.

        A solid Republic depends on informed voters. The media may, perhaps inadvertently (if not done by Russian and Chinese bots), can be said to misinform than inform. And accepting advertising $$$ filled with unsubstantiated claims makes it worse.

        As Churchill is quoted as saying, “Democracy is the worst form of all governments. Except for all the rest of them.”

        God isn’t voted in. God doesn’t seek popularity. As such, God is Whom we need to love, trust, turn to for all things on earth so that we can return to Him after our time here.

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