… starting out a little slow.

0 to 60 takes a little longer these days.

The regularly scheduled study notes over the text we’re studying for Sunday, January 6 – 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 and 2 John 4-11 – are in the works and will be here by Friday, along with some questions.

One or two things have happened recently that suggest that they may serve more of a useful purpose than I had realized.

I suppose I think of myself as a “progressive Christian” – when I think of myself as an adjective Christian, which is as seldom as I can manage. For some reason, people think “progressive Christians” don’t read the Bible. Or can’t, like, that our theology doesn’t allow it.

Neither of these things is true, as it turns out.

Bible reading Bible believing progressive Christians undoubtedly read and believe the Bible differently, in some ways, from some other Bible reading Bible believing Christians.

But not less legitimately, I’d argue, though I’m not a big one for arguing, generally.

Still, after reading Merold Westphal, Whose Community? Which Interpretation? over Christmas or Winter break, however one thinks of that, it’s occurred to me that this kind of different could use a little more public affirmation, if only to encourage the like-minded beginners among us.

The Bible is a gift from God.

That’s a good place to start.

Happy New Year!

Bibles on a library shelf