Today at church is the last day of the diaper drive for the benefit of La Casita Center in Louisville.

The Center runs something like a food bank for poor women in the community. Diapers aren’t food, of course, but they are something that families can need, and sometimes – like now – they can be in short supply at the Center’s pantry. Especially larger sizes.

We found out about the need for diapers from the sister of one of our members, who volunteers with the Center.

So lending a hand seemed natural, almost automatic.

Today is also the monthly meeting of the Outreach Committee, the members of which organized the diaper drive – had the idea, announced it, made the practical arrangements to transport the narthex full of diapers to town.[*]

Because “automatic” doesn’t mean there’s no process. It just means we have a little relevant experience, a little practice doing something like this, a way to make it happen.

[*] By which I meant, to transport the diapers, that is, not the actual narthex. That has to stay in Corydon.

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