Holy Spirit represented in the form of a radiant dove


Yesterday was a lovely day. The sanctuary was decorated in red, the liturgical color for Pentecost. We received new members – a somewhat rare, and happy, event at our church. All the music was great. [Here’s the call to worship, basically, though it’s someone else’s church and someone else’s video:]

The sermon was on how God likes to do things together with people, not all by Godself, and not leaving us people to do things all by ourselves, either. So that the book of Acts could really be called The Acts of the Apostles and the Holy Spirit.

Lots of people stayed for fellowship time, and ate all the cake and almost all the vegetables, even though the worship service ran a little long and even though the coffee maker had broken [again]. We had a great discussion about miracles and the supernatural and other things in the group after worship.

We got back together in the evening and watched Toy Story and thought about how it is an allegory of baptism. At least, it is something of an allegory of baptism, as long as you don’t stretch it too far. A lot of people came out for that [yay!!], and it was fun, and eye-opening, and amazingly profound (“amazingly” because, after all, it was Toy Story, so we might not have expected that, even though our pastor had told us so).

And then, when I got home from all that, after I had been grading papers all weekend, trying to get caught up because this is the last week of the Session and the students need to know where they stand, learning new things about what I do not know about what 19- and 20-year-olds do not know … I turned off the computer, and went to bed.

A painting of the scene of Pentecost showing dove, rays, disciples including a woman, perhaps Mary, in dramatic poses

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