village scene in summer with addition of US flag

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This morning I learned how to use the new copier to make large print bulletins on 11×17 paper from regular print bulletins on 11×14 paper, printed on both sides, not two pages on top of each other, facing the same direction and not with one of the pages upside down.

As anticipated, it was more vital to accomplish this task than to have a children’s message prepared, although we had taken care of that as well. Today being a “low Sunday” due to 4th of July vacations and camping and so on, everyone in attendance was over legal age and had to make do with the grown-up sermon.

Which was beautiful, on “the joyful feast of the people of God,” and how it came about in history that we call “a pinch of bread and a thimbleful of Welches’ grape juice a feast,” and how it really is joyful and a feast despite the appearances, and demonstrates the lavish welcome of God …

[“Do this thought experiment: Close your eyes. Think of someone here you imagine is fairly well off; and now picture someone here you imagine is much less well off; and now picture someone here you think might agree that Donald Trump is making America great again; and someone here you think would disagree that Donald Trump is making America Great again. And now open your eyes.” And see all of those people, and more besides, around this table, which is the Lord’s table, and our Savior invites all who trust him … ]

Which came after one of the members of our class had made the arresting comment that perhaps Jesus’ coming to fulfill the law was something like music, “so, the notes will be the same, but he will bring out all of the harmonies we have never heard before.” The sermon before the sermon.

And then in the class after worship we got on the topic of death, sudden and otherwise and its relationship to advanced directives, and the afterlife, and the role all of that plays in our faith and life. We are people who worship God together in this place where sometimes we have no children in worship. This topic comes up.

Summer with US Flag

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