Time Travel & Small Worlds

I always say the Presbyterian world is small. But it turns out the evangelical world is small, too, or smaller than you might think.

This morning, in email, amongst the usual morning’s things to sort through, was a newsletter from Crossway. I must have subscribed …

It contained a link to a commendation for a book, Theological Retrieval for Evangelicals, by Gavin Ortlund.

Which made me wonder whether he was any relation to the Pastor Ray Ortlund whose sermons at Lake Avenue Congregational Church in Pasadena I heard from the balcony of the “new” church [not the “corner church”] every Sunday morning of my entire San Gabriel Valley childhood. Except for the occasional Sunday when Pastor Jacobs or Dr. Hutchins or the youth pastor preached.

But since there was a picture of the author at the bottom of the screen, I didn’t wonder for long, since that picture made me feel I’d gone back in time.

Thanks to the recent miracle of the internet, I learned that Rev. Gavin Ortlund is Pastor Ray’s grandson. (Like I needed something else to make me feel old.)

And that the Wheaton College – Fuller Seminary – Gospel Coalition – Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy world is not that much bigger than the Presbyworld, after all.

children playing at the beach painted by Winslow Homer
Winslow Homer – Beach Scene – 1869

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