four candles alight against a dark background

Fourth Sunday in Advent

It is almost Christmas – Jesus’s birthday, as we tell the pre-schoolers in the Sunday school class after fellowship time.

We are all excited for Christmas. And we have two new students today, who have come with relatives … another one of the gifts of Christmas.

The story today is that Mary and Joseph couldn’t stay in the inn. An inn is like a motel …

“Have you ever been to a motel, or a hotel?”

I’ve been to a motel!”

“I’ve been to a hotel! It was BIG!!”

“This inn was little … and it was all full, there were no rooms… so, how would you like to have to sleep in a barn, with the horses and the cows …?”

I would sleep with the ducks!”

I doubt I will ever be able to look at a nativity scene the same way again.

Not without thinking … where are the ducks?

four advent candles in advent wreath
“… and a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

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