Bellini Giovanni Presentation at the Temple 1459
The Presentation at the Temple, Giovanni Bellini, ca. 1459

Today is a big day. Liturgically, I have learned, it is The Feast of the Presentation [of Jesus in the Temple] – see Luke 2:22-38. A rite of passage, a “once-in-a-lifetime event” in Jesus’s human life.

Also known as Candlemas, because apparently there is an old custom of bringing candles to church on this day to have them blessed.

Also, I have recently learned, the last day to put away Christmas decorations (like nativity scenes) if you didn’t put them away on Epiphany. (So we are still OK with those wreaths hanging on our front porch, it seems … but today they had better go to the basement.)

Also Groundhog Day.

Which this year (1) coincides with Superbowl Sunday (a secular or civil religious holiday of sufficient seriousness that our chorus cancelled afternoon rehearsal) AND (2) is a palindrome, a word or phrase that is spelled the same backwards and forwards: 02-02-2020, a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves at least a glance.

But for me, at least, also always a day to observe for another reason. People like Nell and Warren Moses are the truest once-in-a-lifetime events.