“This Morning, 4 a.m.”

Crop Dark Morning
[Image credit: Rennett Stowe via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY]

A notification – “a comment is awaiting approval” – came in email. On this old post. Why on earth? It sure sounded like spam to me, must have slipped through the filter somehow …

It made me go back and read it. The post, that is.

Uncanny …

The comments on change spoke directly to some things I’ve been struggling with right now. Is change possible? Even when it seems … completely impossible? How?

I don’t necessarily recommend those thoughts to others. A lot has changed in twelve years, in fact, including my syntax.

Just a reminder, that some coincidences feel like more than mere coincidences.

Utopian Discourse

 What I wrote this morning: First, it’s been extraordinarily difficult making time to do serious work on this project.  It would seem this would be easy, since I’m not teaching and theoretically my part-time job requires fewer hours than teaching.  In reality, however, as usual, this has proved not exactly correct – between the recent imperative to exercise, along with its practical requirements (time of day), demands for doing stuff for the household, and the practical demands made by 9 year old swimmers, to say nothing of my own slowness, and [being honest] my life-long aversion to productivity . . . so something has to change!!

This reminds me of Krishnamurti’s question:  can we change?  The more I think about it, the more profound this seems.  Because – how would a person change, herself?  If a person could change, would it have to be because she were in…

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