I am behind everywhere in my life. At a time when it feels wrong to say nothing at all, because what is happening is happening now, and how things “will turn out” is actually partly up to each one of us.

I normally feel I can’t do much to affect “big things.” My world is small. And I’m usually OK with that, with the idea that I am one cell in the vast, multi-cellular organism that is the Body of Christ, just doing my cellular part, hopefully faithfully.

People tell me, “you have a voice.” I get that. I also have grading.

So I’m passing on the words of someone else, which seem appropriate to the times: Will Wilimon, on “Preaching to Confront Racism,” from the latest Ministry Matters.

I don’t always agree with Wilimon, and I often say “we’re not the Methodists,” like that’s a good thing. But when it comes right down to it, the Presbyterians and the Methodists – and a lot of other Christians, for that matter – agree on a lot.

The conviction that racism is a sin, and that we – “people like us,” whoever “we” are, which seems less and less obvious all the time – need to repent of it in all the complicated ways “repentance” entails, and that committing to getting clearer about what those ways even are is itself part of that repentance, are some of those things.

Holy Spirit represented in the form of a radiant dove