Shabbat shalom

watercolor of Jewish bride in elaborate traditional garb by Eugene Delacroix

Four types of minds sit before the wise: a sponge, a funnel, a strainer, and a sieve. A sponge takes in all things. A funnel receives at one end and lets out at the other. A strainer lets out the wine and retains the dregs. A sieve lets out the course meal and retains the fine flour.

From Chapters of the Fathers in Gates of Prayer, Chaim Stern, ed. (New York, Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1975), 26.

2 responses to “Shabbat shalom”

  1. I like the thought, but in this case the metaphor, especially the sieve, doesn’t work. He world have done better with a threshing floor; the coarse chaff flies away while the fine grain remains.

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