Prayer. Rhymes with Care.

One thing people do at church is pray for each other.

One thing this means is that when you get a call early in the morning to tell you that a family member is unwell in the way that is going to require the kind of major surgical intervention that means everyone in the family is going to need to clear their calendars and call the office and call in subs for work and reschedule appointments and drive up to Ohio and figure out who is going to stay home with all the dogs and who is going to sleep on the air mattress, one of the calls you make is to church to say “please put Our Dearly Beloved on the prayer list” and one of the texts you make is to the person at church you know also knows them from having visited down here before and thinks they are so neat and another one is to the person you know understands all this medical stuff and will completely get what’s going on.

I’m telling you, from experience: it feels better to have these people to call than not to.

And you get back “Absolutely! You all take care!” and heart emojis and “Tell them we are praying for them!”

And if that isn’t good, I don’t know what is.
red line embellished

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