interior of large cylinder of stacked books

The State of the “Read Me” Project, 2021

I’m committed to this now. In it for the long haul.

I still haven’t read all the books in the tsundoku.

I still haven’t achieved “dynamic homeostasis.”

But, I have made Measurable Progress! Depending, that is, on how one measures the progress.

Here are the data: In 2019, I read 24 books (that counted), and added 40. In 2020, I read 40 books …

Yay, I read more books! That’s one measurement.

… and added 62. Hmm.

But then I remembered: RATIOS!

In 2019, my ratio of books read to books acquired (“BR / BA” for the mathematical notationally inclined) was 0.60. In 2020, that ratio was 0.645! That is, measurably closer to “dynamic homeostasis.”

(Which, as the rational among us already knew without having to pull out a pencil and paper, implies BR / BA = 1.)

Not a whole lot closer, granted. But CLOSER. This is grounds for celebration, in my book. And, for hope.

red line embellished

I shall not be calculating RATES of progress any time soon.

(Mainly because I have the premonition that sentences beginning “At that rate …” do not end well.)

I shall, however, be continuing to read my way through that stack of books …

red line embellished
interior of a hollow tower of stacked books

Learning need never end.

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