Purim – the Jewish celebration of courage, deliverance, and the Book of Esther (about which Martin Luther was despicably clueless) – starts tonight!

What to do on Purim:

  • Read the book of Esther;
  • Send gifts of food;
  • Send gifts of money;
  • Party like it’s Purim!

I do not actually party, but I am making hamantaschen.

This has turned into a political act, I guess, because of Bon Appetit’s “archive repair project,” and the public shaming it’s provoked – here’s one example – and the predictable “You’re wrong!” “No, you’re wrong!” multi-media-vehicle crash.

Unless, which seems more likely, it was always a political act and it took people this long to notice.

On a lighter note, in some circles hamantaschen have been deeply controversial for a long time.

red line embellished

Image: Esther scroll, Israel Museum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons