"Holy Friday in Castile" Dario de Regoyos

Early on we learn that faith is a risk; much later we learn the price of this risk. … Having faith means believing that He fills all space, that no leap can cast me out of His arms. Having faith means believing that He knows everything, that before I arrive He runs through the infinitely complicated plan of my existence all the way to its conclusion, like an ever new problem solved by His infinite love: my final entry into His Kingdom. … Only very late do we learn the price of the risk of believing, because only very late do we face up to the idea of death.

Carlo Carretto, The God Who Comes, trans. Rose Mary Hancock, Orbis Books, 1974, 19-21 passim.

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Image: “Holy Friday in Castile,” Darío de Regoyos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons