Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Call to Worship [with some relationship to Mark 13:1-8]

The LORD is in his holy temple.
Let all the earth keep silent before the Holy One!
And then, make a joyful noise unto the LORD!
Yes, let the mountains and hills break out in song!
Let the trees of the field clap their hands!!

Let everything that breathes praise the LORD.
Let us praise and worship God!

red line embellished

As he came out of the temple, one of his disciples said to him, “Look, Teacher, what large stones and what large buildings!” Then Jesus asked him, “Do you see these great buildings? Not one stone will be left here upon another; all will be thrown down.”

Mark 13:1-2

red line embellished

Image: “Der alte Friedhofsturm in Nuenen,” Vincent Van Gogh, 1884, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

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