A Model of Abundance

“What Did the Early Church Say About Economic Justice?” – from Plough – this morning’s email.

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Image: “Stilleben: Alter Wein und Brot,” Albert Anker, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

3 responses to “A Model of Abundance”

    • There is a lot of ideology flying around. I would say “these days,” but – my guess is that there has been a lot of ideology flying around for a long time. I fear most of us are sorely tempted to imagine that following Jesus is basically compatible with being a decent American. Driving a car and going to work and shopping on the weekend and keeping the lawn mowed. Compatible with our “no one tells ME what to do” approach to social obligation, and our “it’s my money” approach to social welfare. I see this as a problem. But … personally, I have a long way to go to live differently myself.

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      • Definitely.

        Still, the post you linked is a shock to the system. Can’t blame WOKE, since it wasn’t around when these things were said. I was stunned, and they had me at hello.

        With a couple of reservations, I found the old quotes to be in line with what I find in the Bible. They fleshed out my understanding and imagination, pushed me a bit farther, yes, but definitely following the trajectory I think the Bible had set me on.

        Big difference is that whereas I mostly sense that I am WAY OUT FRONT of my brothers and sisters in these thoughts, suddenly I felt I was falling WAY BEHIND.


        Thanx again.

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