Christmas Books

It wouldn’t really be Christmas without books.

Christmas was a much lower key event this year for our family than it has been in years past. This turned out to be delightful.

Nevertheless, we did all exchange bookstore gift cards, because that’s the kind of family we are. And we did make the obligatory Christmas Eve trip to the bookstore, ditto. And we did make the obligatory Boxing Day trip to the bookstore, double ditto. It was still Christmas, for goodness’ sake. So there were books.

I was tempted to invoke a special year end exception and add them to the Read Me Project list as “next year” additions. But I knew that would be wrong.

Admittedly, I did add everything up and found the arithmetic still worked out [whew]. Allowing me to be grateful I didn’t get too many books for Christmas.

I am even more grateful, however, for my kind and generous and book-loving, or at least humoring, family and friends. Thank you! red line embellished

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