Prayer for Enduring Grading

May I never read another sentence with the adjective “heavy” or the adverb “heavily” in it, describing something that DOES NOT HAVE WEIGHT, EVEN METAPHORICALLY.



red line embellished

Image: Stained glass windows at All Saints Church, Ripley, Yorkshire, by Tim Green from Bradford, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

2 responses to “Prayer for Enduring Grading”

  1. Railing against the tv show exclaiming “to boldly go,” I had a professor in college that automatically failed any paper turned in with a split infinitive. Still can’t NOT see one today. Maybe you need to make a “weighty” rule for your students. 🙂

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    • We all have our pet peeves. I am often OK with split infinitives, although I try to avoid them myself, and I notice that people use them unnecessarily. What really bugs me, though, is the mindless use of words. “Heavy” is just one example. I have in the past told students they should never use the word “aspect” in anything they write for me. So “heavy” may be next.

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