Feast of the Ascension

It’s today.

I love this picture so much.

Image Christi Himmelfart
The fantastic iconography of the Ascension! Hans von Kulmbach [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve learned that the iconography of the disappearing feet is a pretty late medieval development – more on that at Ad Imaginem Dei – and that there is lots more of it. The earlier iconography of the ascension is equally awesome, though.

Much more recently, Salvador Dali’s vision of the event is also fabulous.

A handful of resources:

To say nothing of Douglas B. Farrow’s Ascension Theology and its various commentators (like here and here and here).

He ascended to heaven …

the Apostles’ Creed

red line embellished

One more thing: here’s the beautiful interior of Ascension Catholic Church, Oak Park, Illinois, a place and a congregation that has my undying gratitude and affection for being open to an anonymous wanderer on her way back to church.

red line embellished

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