“Personal Responsibility”

From Seth Godin. Too good not to share.

My spouse thinks I have a serious case of hero worship when it comes to Seth Godin. I wouldn’t say “worship,” because that would be idolatry. Let’s say, “admiration.”

A further thought: Christians believe in forgiveness and redemption. But the relationship of those to consequences, especially worldly ones, is complicated.

It certainly doesn’t always mean, “no problem.”

Sometimes it means “massive problem – but I love you, enough to want to stay in relationship with you anyway, even if that means sharing the burden of the consequences of your actions.”

Forgiveness doesn’t negate personal responsibility. But it may make it … bearable.

red line embellished

woman dressed in peasant garb reading a large book with a pencil in hand

Image: La Grammaire, Paul Serusier, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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