Words for the Day

If miracle is really the favorite child of belief, then its father has been neglecting his paternal duties badly, at least for some time. For at least a hundred years the child has been nothing but a source of embarrassment to the nurse which he had ordered for it – to theology. She would have gladly been rid of it if only – well if only a degree of consideration for the father had not forbidden it during his lifetime. But time solves all problems. The old man cannot live forever. …

… once upon a time miracles were no embarrassment to theology, but on the contrary its most effective and reliable confederate. And it is a fact that today we are barely willing to believe that there was once such a time, and that it has only just passed into history. Just what has happened in the meantime? And how did it happen?

Franz Rosenzweig, *The Star of Redemption,* translated by William W. Hallo from the 2nd edition of 1930, University of Notre Dame Press, 2014/1985, 93.

red line embellished

Image: “Moses Viewing the Promised Land,” Robert Walter Weir, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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