Celebrating [the] Sloth!

Today is International Sloth Day 2022

This is a real thing, organized by the Sloth Conservation Foundation, to raise awareness about sloths (the actual animals), as well as the threats they face in their shrinking habitat. Some sloths are officially endangered. All sloths would benefit from targeted conservation actions.

These actions need to be undertaken by others on their behalf, for obvious reasons.

Sloths are one of those “lovable macro-fauna” that help focus attention on entire eco-systems and motivate people to take action. They demonstrate that it is sometimes possible to do good just by hanging out and living one’s life, at one’s own pace.

That’s some good news.

My daughter found me this mug at Pier One, for which I thank her every day, not only because it is extra-large, allowing me to stay at my desk longer between those long trips to the kitchen to get more coffee.

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