I love WordPress

Not a lie.

But sometimes stuff happens, and it takes time to figure it out.

For some unknown reason all my images have started showing up at giant dinosaur size in the reader, no matter what I do.

So the reader is making me look demented. (Revelation, perhaps.)

But my real question (for the two or three people who drop by here from time to time): Is this happening to anyone else?

Image: “The Desperate Man,” Gustave Courbet, public domain, from Wikimedia

14 responses to “I love WordPress”

  1. 🤔 Truthfully, there is nothing much that you can do about that.

    I have noticed that pictures have appeared larger and a bit blurred whenever they are being displayed on the WordPress.com Reader for quite some time.

    The most important thing, I believe, is that the images appear the way that we have set them to look on our own blog.

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    • for me, the biggest presenting problem is that I have been (for donkeys’ years) using a little image as a separator … so now, it’s all over my blog, and in the reader it appears as a giant red blob … more like a distractor than a separator. alas. And the even weirder thing is that I have another blog (a private one, that I use when I wonder what will happen if I do … x, y, or z) and that little image is showing up just fine over there. That’s a mystery.

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    • thanks for the intel! I thought this was a new phenomenon, but maybe I’ve only been looking at my posts in the browser pre-publication, not in the reader, for a long time … I just don’t know, now. This only started because I ran across an old one on my phone and thought … holy cow, this will never do. I thought it was just that one, and then started looking into it … the horror, just in time for Halloween.

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    • What I think I’ve figured out is that the reader displays images at its large or full image size by default, which it’s determined to maintain no matter what you tell it.. Which appears to be approx 800px wide. So it seems to be possible to control this effect by constraining the size of the image at the source.

      Maybe a metaphor in that.

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  2. Update: in the internet equivalent of brute force, I created a resized image of my [cherished] little red separator image, 600px wide, with the little red line embedded in the center at the px size I like pretty well, and inserted that whole image as an image block.

    That seems to constrain the reader display pretty well, and look decent on the browser (desktop and also phone).

    I feel ridiculous about this on so many levels. Just sayin.


  3. Further update, it looks to me like the comprehensive overhaul of the Reader – recently announced – has also fixed this problem.

    Although, I am still using the retooled red line … which seems to work fine in the new environment, too.


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