Reflecting on Ephesians 1 15-23

Maybe one of our first priorities, as we’re studying Ephesians 1:15-23 this week, will be once again to ask ourselves what we think some of these words and phrases mean, to us. “The Father of glory.” “A spirit of wisdom and revelation.” “The eyes of our hearts.” [I love that one.] “Hope.”

When we hear these words, what do we think they are referring to? And why do we think this?

Just because, sometimes we let these words wash over us, and don’t pause to think about what they are actually saying, to us. And then, look into some more of the things they could be saying.

Some notes on the text are here. Here are a couple more questions we might want to reflect on, or discuss in class:

Do we identify with these “saints” addressed in the letter? In what ways? What similarities do we see between them and us? What differences? What do we make of those similarities and differences – that is, what is the significance of those similarities and differences, for us, do we think?

What are our reactions to the prayer in verses 16-19? What do we understand Paul to be praying for? [For instance, can we paraphrase this language, in our own words? What do these words mean to us?]

How do we think those gifts would play out in people’s lives? Our lives?

Do we pray this way for others? Could we – what would need to change? What if we did – what do we think would change?

We might reasonably think of verses 20-23 as a description of Jesus Christ. What do we learn from that description? How similar is it to the way we already think about Jesus? How is it different?

What are the implications of this description for us? How does knowing this about Jesus affect us – and, the way we live?

Image: “La Discussion Politique,” Émile Friant, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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