A reminder to give up contempt

According to Jesus, contempt is a greater evil than anger and so is deserving of greater condemnation. Unlike innocent anger, at least, it is a kind of studied degradation of another, and it also is more pervasive in life than anger. It is never justifiable or good. Therefore Jesus tells us, “Whoever says ‘Raca’ to his brother shall stand condemned before the Sanhedrin, the highest court of the land.”

Dallas Willard, quoted in Plough

This seems especially difficult in today’s world, when so much of the messaging around us seems to actively encourage contempt.

Although maybe not more difficult than in times past, really?

2 responses to “A reminder to give up contempt”

  1. I pushing into my 6th decade and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the contempt (or recognized it?) that I see now. If the simple request to wear a mask to save another from a virus can cause violence, what else could compare?


    • Agreed – as a country, it seems to me, we’re in a different place from where we’ve ever been in my lifetime. And it’s everywhere, almost like it’s become the habitual or default mode. So intentional resistance seems to be the new task

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