Words for the Day

What is power after it has become attribute? We have already stated it: no longer isolated deed, no longer caprice, but essence. God the creator is essentially powerful. [God’s] creativity is thus omnipotence without being caprice. God, [the One] who is visible in creation, is capable of all that [God] wills, but [God] wills only what [God] must will out of [God’s] essence. This straightforward and self-evident formula which results for us here solves all problems which the idea of creation, as far as it concerns God, has ever posed.

Franz Rosenzweig, *The Star of Redemption*, translated by William W. Hallo from the 2nd edition of 1930, University of Notre Dame Press, 2014/1985, 114.

Image: Hanukkah, Anonymous – Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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