Fifth Sunday after Epiphany (A)

Call to Worship based on Matthew 5:13-20

Blessed is the Holy One our God, maker of the universe,
who has called light into being;
who has separated light from darkness;
who has filled the earth with good things;
who has given us life and shown us how to live it;
Let us rejoice in the light, and the goodness of life;
Let us worship the Holy One, our God

You are the light of the world …

Matthew 5:14

Image: “Winter Landscape with Braband Church,” Christian David Gebauer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

2 responses to “Fifth Sunday after Epiphany (A)”

  1. In church this morning, during the children’s sermon, the kids sang “This Little Light of Mine” and it sounded like the entire congregation joined in. Hide it under a bushel? NO!


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