It’s Purim!

Purim – the Jewish celebration of courage, deliverance, and the Book of Esther (about which Martin Luther was despicably clueless) – starts tonight!

Time to

  • Read the book of Esther;
  • Send gifts of food;
  • Send gifts of money;
  • Take a deep dive into The Megillah Project and gather additional perspectives on the text of Esther;
  • Party like it’s Purim with the 76th Latke-Hamantasch Debate (despite its technical difficulties – sound arrives somewhere around minute 16:00 – and even though the livestream was closer to Hanukkah).

More about Purim this year at My Jewish Learning, including lots of recipes for hamantaschen.

Interesting conversation about the book of Esther in this “Bible for Normal People” interview with Aaron Koller on “Biblicizing the Book of Esther.”


Image: Esther scroll, Israel Museum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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