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Reflecting on Luke 24 13-27, 30-31

We are studying Luke 24:13-35 (focusing on verses 13-27 and 30-31) this week; we probably think of this text as the story of “the walk to Emmaus.” It’s a story that captures our imaginations; only Luke tells it. How does it affect us? Do we see ourselves “in” the story, or more “outside looking in”? And what difference does that make for us – assuming we can tell that? Either way, what do we take away from the story? And how important does that “takeaway” seem to be for us?

Some notes on the text are here. And here are a couple of additional questions we might want to think about or discuss in class:

We might want to look at whether there are any words or phrases that stand out to or for us, and if so, what thoughts or feelings those raise for us …

[For instance, I wonder about Cleopas’ phrasing “only stranger in Jerusalem” – especially given the significance of the “stranger” category in the Bible … ]

If we had to say “what this story is about,” what would we say? [For instance, do we think of it as a story about a “resurrection appearance”? A symbolic presentation of the central practices through which the Church encounters the risen Christ? __________?] Why?

Does it make any difference how we answer this question? What difference?

Does it mean anything to us that Jesus himself interprets the [Old Testament] scriptures as speaking about him? What? Thoughts, feelings?

[really, really personal] So, would I myself, seriously, question Jesus … about his Christological reading of the Old Testament, given everything I learned in seminary? Or what am I thinking here? Because, seriously … so, what are the possibilities here?

[But then, on the other hand, wouldn’t that be a cool conversation to have with Jesus … ?]

Men in conversation

Image: “The Conversation,” Arnold Lakhovsky, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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