modernist mosaic St Stephen being stoned

“When Stephen, Full of Power and Grace, …”

The story of Stephen (lectionary version) is coming up this year for the 5th Sunday of Easter.

I have an indelible memory of the late great Bill Hennessy singing this hauntingly beautiful hymn as a solo in church – guessing, also on a 5th Sunday of Easter (A).

Maybe a solo because this particular hymn is not in the Presbyterian Hymnal.

The missing verse 2:

When Stephen preached against the laws
And by those laws was tried,
He had no friend to plead his cause,
No spokesman at his side;
But only in his heart a flame
And in his eyes a light
Wherewith God’s daybreak to proclaim
And rend the veils of night.

Image: “Mosaic Pfarrhof St. Stephan Amstetten” (cropped) DerHHO, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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