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the hermeneutrix

I’m HAT (Heather Anne Thiessen, M.Div., Ph.D.), a happily married, Bible-reading, Presbyterian Church Sunday School teaching and choir singing, small fuel efficient car driving, still pretty much 2nd wave feminist and generally out lesbian Hoosier mom (no states are all one color). I have the idea I need to read more and ask more questions. From time to time I teach religious studies to undergraduates at a small liberal arts college in Louisville, Kentucky.

Matters of Interpretation

Matters of Interpretation seems to exist for the purpose of reading more and asking more questions a little more publicly.

It has become most consistently a place to post reading notes and questions on the weekly Sunday school text for the class that meets at the Corydon Presbyterian Church on Sundays at the “not-that-early hour of 9:00 a.m.” The notes need to be made anyway, and a few members of the class have politely said they find them useful.

Anyone else who, like us, is using the “Uniform Series International Bible Lessons for Christian Study,” also known as the Uniform Series or Standard Lessons or Common Text, is welcome to see if they, too, find them useful. [I welcome feedback along these lines, by the way – what’s more useful, what’s less useful, what would be useful but doesn’t seem to be here, that kind of thing.]

Other matters surface now and again.

…utopian discourse

Matters of Interpretation is the successor to an earlier blog, Utopian Discourse. Because the internet is forever, its map still contains that little patch of thought about utopia. Like so much other utopian discourse, it takes place in the present as memory.

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