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Questions for Reflection and Discussion (Genesis 22 1-14)

The Uniform Series text for Sunday, March 4 is Genesis 22:1-14. Here are a few questions that we might want to consider in class: Why does Abraham do what God asks of him, do we think? Is it because of … Continue reading

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Just Wondering

What could the idea of being “famous” have meant to the people who decide to build a city with a tower in Genesis 11:4? For us, being “famous” more or less means being known by lots of people, widely dispersed. … Continue reading

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Against “Proof-texting” in the Qur’an

Chapter 3 of Qur’an in Conversation begins with Jamal Badawi’s discussion of the factors affecting the interpretation of “one of the most misunderstood verses of the Qur’an”(78) 9:5, “Kill the idolaters [mushrikin] wherever you find them, capture them, besiege them, … Continue reading

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Close Reading in the Qur’an

Notes on Chapter 2 (“Close Readings, Old and New”) of Michael Birkel, ed. Qur’an in Conversation (Waco, TX: Baylor UP, 2014) 33-35.] Mohammad Hassan Khalil unpacks the meaning of the opening line of the Qur’an, the bismillah, rendered into English … Continue reading

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Hidden Knowledge in the Qur’an

Chapter 1 of Qur’an in Conversation (Michael Birkel, ed.) focuses on the theme of “hidden knowledge” or “hidden meaning” in three significant texts: al-Fatihah (the Opening, sura one, which is recited as part of all five of the daily prayers, … Continue reading

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More than one way to read the Qur’an

The purpose of the book is to demonstrate various ways North American Muslim scholars read and interpret the Qur’an. The prevailing image of Muslims in the media tends to be one of exotic but backward people from far away. Islam … Continue reading

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An Ayah on Guidance

MuslimPro’s verse of the day from the Qur’an was Surah 28, Al-Qasas, (The Story or The Narrative) 56. This is how it reads in Pickthall’s translation: Lo! thou (O Muhammad) guidest not whom thou lovest, but Allah guideth whom He … Continue reading

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