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Remembering Political Correctness

Lately – that is, over the past year or so – I have heard more and more references to “political correctness.” I used to think I knew what that term meant. Now, however, I have concluded that it is yet … Continue reading

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Christian Doctrine (14)

These are my summary notes on Chapter 14 of Christian Doctrine1 “Who’s in Charge Here? The Doctrine of the Resurrection”: Christians celebrate Easter as the victory of God and good over the powers of death and evil. But in the … Continue reading

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On Wanting Language to Say Something

I worry about “semantic freewheeling,” at this moment in history in particular. Bourdieu says this: …language is the exemplary formal mechanism whose generative capacities are without limits. There is nothing that cannot be said and it is possible to say … Continue reading

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Why Talk About the Language of Worship?

So, question: can you think without language? No. ? I mean … I don’t think so. Wait … do you mean … anything … in general? Or … something specific?

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A Definition of Politics

Here’s something I have been thinking about for a long time … since 1987 or so, almost 30 years: how to “define” politics. That is another way of saying, “how to think about what we mean when we say ‘politics.’” … Continue reading

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