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First Day of Class

Today is day one of “Introduction to Religion” taught by me. Usually I love to teach this class. Teaching takes a lot of time – at least for me, I don’t know about other people. Every term I say “I … Continue reading

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The “Read Me” Project

I thought I wouldn’t need to make any resolutions for 2018. I figured I could just keep working on the ones I make every year. There are some things I’m already actually good at, and every year, I think “I’m … Continue reading

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Second Sunday after Epiphany

Despite the winter storm watch on Friday/Saturday, the parking lot this morning had been ploughed and was not too slippery, and most of our driveways must have been sufficiently passable, because almost as many people showed up for worship as … Continue reading

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If I Had a Hammer …

I live in a rural area. We had to disconnect our “upgraded” “digital” cable many years ago, because the service was so lousy we could never watch our TV. After that, when we got hit by lightning the second time, … Continue reading

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Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

A very short and possibly overly personal reflection on the topic of the Uniform Series text (Genesis 17:1-14) for Sunday, September 10, which was also the Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time: It was difficult. It was difficult to do the … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Yankee Daughter

Here is a story that became a legend in our family: We were driving to church. My brother and I were kids. We were talking about the Civil War. Both of us knew it was fought to end slavery and … Continue reading

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Remembering Political Correctness

Lately – that is, over the past year or so – I have heard more and more references to “political correctness.” I used to think I knew what that term meant. Now, however, I have concluded that it is yet … Continue reading

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