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Past Ways of Knowing

Still engaging with Awake to the Moment1 and still looking at “what resources and ways of thinking we might bring to bear” on addressing the central questions of theological knowledge from a constructive theological point of view (26); the third … Continue reading

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Pay Attention to the Relationship between Knowing and Power

Slowly making my way through Awake to the Moment, here are my summary notes and comments on the next couple of sections of “What Do We Know and How? Context and Questions”: Still looking at “what resources and ways of … Continue reading

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If I Had a Hammer …

I live in a rural area. We had to disconnect our “upgraded” “digital” cable many years ago, because the service was so lousy we could never watch our TV. After that, when we got hit by lightning the second time, … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Yankee Daughter

Here is a story that became a legend in our family: We were driving to church. My brother and I were kids. We were talking about the Civil War. Both of us knew it was fought to end slavery and … Continue reading

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Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

[A sermon on Acts 8:26-40, the Uniform Series text for Sunday, August 13, 2017.] What in the world are we supposed to make of this story? This peculiar story about a meeting, as it turns out, an appointment, arranged by … Continue reading

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Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

[ A sermon on Amos 7:10-17, delivered at a small church in southern Indiana …} This episode in the life of Amos is a lesson in heroism. Not the kind of heroism that runs into burning buildings and pulls people … Continue reading

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On Wanting Language to Say Something

I worry about “semantic freewheeling,” at this moment in history in particular. Bourdieu says this: …language is the exemplary formal mechanism whose generative capacities are without limits. There is nothing that cannot be said and it is possible to say … Continue reading

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