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How it matters, this moment

Do not make light of your failings, saying “What are they to me?” A jug fills drop by drop. So the fool becomes brimful of folly. Do not belittle your virtues, saying “They are nothing.” A jug fills drop by … Continue reading

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Shabbat shalom

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Another Monday morning

Good theology should make it easier to get up in the morning. Here’s some:

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Wondering about feeling good

How important is it to “feel good”? I’m taking a class online which clearly has as one of its important purposes teaching us how to cultivate a positive, calm, serene, happy feeling as we go through life. I’m all for … Continue reading

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Beginning, Again

I think out loud a lot. I do that because I think a lot, and because for me talking is a vehicle for thinking. The practice doesn’t seem to bother anyone – at least, the cats and the dog have … Continue reading

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